welcome to Milestonsa agency

Simulation is
Gone & Creativity

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welcome to Milestonsa agency

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We dig deeper than overused, broad audience definitions.
“Millennial” perhaps means nothing more than an age group to you, but to us it means a lot of impressive ideas. Can you guess!! If not, then it is fine now. Let’s do something impressive for you! Simulation is gone. At Milestone Studio, creativity is everything!

We Are Milestone Studio

We are an agile, independent creative studio with only one focus: we generate a milestone for your brand among the competitors. We represent you, make your brand dazzling. We work with brands that want to stay relevant in the rapidly shifting world of culture, tech, media and client attitudes.

Our Approach

Behavioral planning

through tailored technological solutions and behavioural insight, we’re able to cut through the clutter and deliver targeted messages. our heritage is rooted in segmentation, so we have a unique understanding of different markets and cultures, and how best to communicate and engage with them.

Strategic planning

we take an omni-channel approach to develop a communication strategy that will effectively reach your desired target audience through carefully selected channels, both on- and offline. the digital and media plans support the strategy, whether it be for global or regional markets.

Continual Updates

whatever medium the audience uses in their daily routine, on- or offline, traditional or digital, we find the right channel to to ensure we get the best possible value out of every interaction. as an independent agency, our approach to media planning and buying is completely unbiased, we build media plans that meet your objectives.


with so many potential channels to reach an audience with, it’s vital that every customer journey is optimised for maximum efficiency. that’s why we employ in-house seo and conversion rate experts who are always working to ensure your communication is performing. we interpret the data to gain new behavioural insights to ensure it delivers on kpi’s.

  • 1. Audience First , Media Neutral
    We speak directly to our clients wherever they are and whatever they are doing.

    From brand strategy to advertising, branded content to brand creation, we are a full service studio

    that breaks the constraints of channel-led marketing and puts the idea of clients
    as individuals first.
  • 2. Culture
    Ditch the bias, challenge convention MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL When your favourite tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

    Milestone’s independence keeps us objective and neutral. Allowing us to deliver beautifully crafted ideas with the right message, in the right channel, at the right time.
  • 3. Brave, Smart, Spirited
    We are culture vultures and adventure seekers. Entrepreneurs with an irrepressible spirit for creativity, a passion for innovation. What’s new and what’s next are our chat, and a relentless desire to create category changing campaigns.




Modern Designing

Marketing Strategy

Social Media

App Development

seo & content writing

Feasibility study

graphic designing

Website Development


We all eat together, play together and fight together.
Talents from every discipline, from all over the world. Working side by side, not only under one roof! Sometimes it gets too noisy, but we like it that way.. just for you!

Dear Business Owners

Imagine what it would be like to double or even triple your sales in the next few months… while spending the same (or even less) on your marketing?

Profits would skyrocket… you’d be able to increase your bonus… you’d feel secure that your business was on sound footing… you wouldn’t have to spend weekends worrying about work anymore… you’d finally be able to ‘switch off’ everything and actually enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

So ask yourself… Are you fed up of staying at the same point with your business where growth seems unattainable? Are you sick and tired of spending your hard-earned dollars on advertising campaigns that simply cost you more than they make you?

Are you fed up with your Marketing Team and current Agency that offer you more excuses than results?Then stop the stress and frustration of trying to guess how to grow your business and let us help you put our proven, battle-tested strategies and tactics to work for your business.